Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for My Business

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Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for My Business

How Businesses Benefit from Computing in the Cloud

The cloud computing revolution has just begun, but it’s already driven major changes in industries ranging from tech to finance to healthcare and more. This article covers five of the biggest benefits of cloud computing for your business.

Despite its widespread adoption, some companies still haven’t transitioned to cloud computing. Often this is because they don’t understand how they could be benefiting from this new way of storing, retrieving, and using data.

Still not sure how your business could benefit from cloud computing?  Find out the advantages of working with a cloud computing service today and the benefits it brings.

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Improved Security | Stay Secure with Long Island Tech Solutions

Perhaps the most important benefit overall is boosted security. This is especially crucial due to the modern legal requirements facing international companies (see below).

When a business leverages cloud computing, its data isn’t stored on-site or even on company servers in many cases. Instead, it’s stored on cloud servers hundreds or thousands of miles away.

This increases security because it makes physical tampering with data or data theft much less likely. For example, a business that uses cloud computing for data storage or processing isn’t at risk of a disgruntled employee using a stolen ID card to access and wipe company servers.

Furthermore, modern cloud computing providers leverage top-of-the-line security and encryption protocols to ensure that their networks are fully isolated, heavily secured, and include redundancy protocols. 

These benefits of cloud computing for your business result in greater overall security for businesses that rely on this technology.   

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Legal Compliance

As touched on above, the modern legal environment is evolving quite fast. Legislation like the GDPR and CCPA now require companies to keep customer data safe from identity thieves and other cybercriminals.

Companies’ abilities to do this are directly affected by their overall security. A low-security company may be the victim of one or more cyber breaches. This causes their customer data to leak onto the wider web.

This may lead to excessive fines, loss of customer trust, and other major fallout from a single bad firewall or unprotected password.

In contrast, cloud computing provides greater security to companies who use it. Those companies will be more compliant with consumer data laws and requirements.

This benefit is especially important if your business accepts transactions or customers from international sources. Even in the US, legislation like the CCPA could become commonplace across states, making increased security a requirement rather than an optional inclusion. 

Faster, Easier Setup/Updates

Cloud computing offers a major practical benefit for businesses: faster and easier updates or setups for computer systems.

Cloud service providers address automatic updates, maintenance, and setup needs for their servers, software, and other products. That’s less work that a company has to do and fewer hours you have to dedicate to these tasks.

On top of that, cloud computing providers are continually improving structure with software development and hardware upgrades. They do this to maintain a competitive edge against other cloud service providers. 

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But your business benefits from this competition. If you need to install new software or update your servers, your cloud service provider takes care of all of it for you. Your in-house IT team can focus on other aspects like local security or digital hygiene with your employees.

This benefit is present even if you use hybrid cloud setups, which include private and public clouds. These cloud setups provide on-demand services but are also much easier to update, especially regarding security patches and new software functions.

Robust Data Backups | Stay Running with New York City’s Best MSP: LI Tech Solutions

Even the best servers may crash from time to time, and the second-worst thing after having your website crash is having all of your data wiped at the same time.

Cloud computing provides a convenient solution to this possibility: remote data backups that occur on a weekly or daily basis.  You won’t have to take care of these data backups because your cloud service provider will do it for you.

These data backups ensure that, even if your site does crash (either because of a glitch or because of a targeted attack), you’ll be able to get it back up and running more quickly than average. Furthermore, you won’t lose sensitive data to the ether.

Automatic backups are absolutely a necessity for any company that collects customer data for their marketing or other purposes. With cloud computing, you don’t need to worry about having physical backups on-site; remote backups will always be available around the world.  

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Remote Work Flexibility

Cloud computing may benefit your business because of how it lends itself to remote work and schedule flexibility.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the workforce in more ways than one. But one of the largest shifts was a multi-industry trend toward remote work, particularly for white-collar professions.

This trend was so complete that many employees now request remote work flexibility, even if they can technically return to office environments.

With cloud computing, you’ll be able to give your employees this flexibility they demand without having to compromise on tasks or production quotas.

Cloud computing allows employees and administrators alike to access sensitive company data through encrypted channels anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.  Your employees can do just as much work at their homes or elsewhere as they could in your office.

While this improves the morale of your employees, it may also save on costs. Some companies are even transitioning out of large office complexes in favor of smaller or coworking spaces since no one uses the traditional spaces they pay for.

Contact LI Tech Solutions | A Premier Cloud Computing Provider in New York

In the end, cloud computing is simply too advantageous for businesses for you to ignore.

Fortunately, your business can start enjoying the benefits of cloud computing with providers like LI TECH.  We offer four different types of cloud computing services, ranging from private clouds to public clouds and more.

We provide a variety of cloud computing services and utilities to give your staff members ultimate flexibility, security, and productivity. Contact us today for more information.