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Advertising and Public Relations firms are dependent on manipulating massive amounts of data quickly to stay competitive. These firms must continually learn from consumer’s buying habits and the trends they create. 

The public relations and advertising industry are highly competitive; any slow system or a breach in the network could mean landing that big deal or losing valuable clients. It is vital to keep networks and computing systems running smoothly at all times. 

LI TECH provides the best tools in Long Island to manipulate data and find hidden trends. LI TECH simplifies data manipulation for its clients from any location or device, as they meet with consumers to discuss the advantages of working with their firm.

We offer a pathway to success for firms of all sizes.

Best IT Support in Long Island, NY & Tri-State Area

LI TECH Solutions offer comprehensive maintenance services for your network, hardware, and software components. We prevent everyday computing problems from turning into network nightmares. Our teams are local to our communities, while we provide fully managed solutions to any firm.

Our divisions of Hosted Services, IT Support, Cloud Solutions, and Custom Development provide an integrated approach to your success. 

We provide the following  IT services for our clients:

Managed IT services for PR & Advertising Firms NYC
  • Systems and network administration
    • End-user and help desk support
    • Monitoring and management of remote devices and software
    • Compliance support
  • Custom Solutions
    • Server migrations and email support
    • Security assessments

User Experience

Communication-centric marketing companies rely on strong networks and customer-based software. LI TECH is the answer to keep these essential services running smoothly. 

More and more firms are moving to the cloud and distributed computing. LI TECH improves network efficiency to move large amounts of data and improve your video conferencing methods. We monitor business traffic, investigate issues, and eliminate data bottlenecks.

As part of our service, we look at your hardware and software configurations to find slow connections and problems. In many cases, old routers and modems cause slow connections, along with older software.

We help businesses overcome the challenges of linking their home office to representatives in the field. Our cloud solutions reduce errors and improve communication so your firm can efficiently accomplish more.

We work alongside your teams to make sure critical information is transferred to the right person.


No business is immune from the constant threat of viruses and malware. LI TECH engineers are experts at shoring up vulnerable networks. We offer a range of services, including 24/7 online support in case of emergency.

We assess network vulnerabilities for potential weakness and patch the problem before malicious threats take hold.

LI TECH installs software and structures your network to safeguard the most critical information. We also set up monitoring systems in case of any breach. New security threats emerge each year, and we employ the latest tools to counter these attacks.

Call our experts before malware catches up to your network.

LI TECH Solutions offers a host of services for our PR and Advertising Firms:

Type of Clients: PR firms, advertising agencies, midsize/large

What do you do for them? What problems do you solve?

Provide tech support, Remote workforce support and cloud adoption. Monitor systems, help guide on IT purchasing, manage fleets of mac computers and pcs. Manage a large field of cloud and SaaS services that these companies need to deliver for their clients


None on this one