Cloud Infrastructure

For companies to succeed in the modern age, they must focus on core beliefs and supply constant fuel to strategic initiatives. LI TECH Managed Services and its extensive array of resources, proactively manage your Companies technology infrastructure.

LI TECH Solutions ensures your organization receives uninterrupted, round-the-clock monitoring and support and we deliver these services without escalating costs..

Once our pre-defined collection of utilities has been implemented, every staff member can centralize their attention on the company’s bottom line. 

When you choose LI TECH to manage your technology, our team improves operations and cuts expenses throughout your business. Our supervision provides 24/7 monitoring, data/cloud protection, with  comprehensive network security.

LI TECH’s Cloud Offerings

LI TECH recognizes the universally accepted four main types of cloud computing. We acknowledge the three cloud services and optimize each classification to client specifications. 

LI TECH’s blend of technology can redefine and transform any size organization to better reach their future. Our unique Cloud Service offerings provide a robust flow of data to maximize every area of the company.  

Cloud Computing

  1. Private Clouds, restricted environment to a specific user or group.
  2. Public Clouds, formed from IT Infrastructures and are not controlled by the end-user.
  3. Hybrid, multiple environments created from a LAN, WAN, or VPN.
  4. Multi-clouds, a single cloud approach, created from more than one vendor.
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Cloud Services

  1. LI TECH uses our innovative  Infrastructure as a Service/IAAS platform to regulate the firm’s actual servers, network hardware, and data storage components. Please contact one of our engineers to inquire about this service.
  2. Platform as a Service/PAAS gives our engineers and developers a distributed platform to develop the applications for a commanding infrastructure. 
  3. Software as a Service/SAAS, LI TECH provides diverse software applications for the enterprise to build and revolutionize their industry.

Magento Cloud is a PaaS that can be run on either Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. The Magento Commerce Cloud is a pre-provisioned infrastructure. It is built for rapid and continuous deployment.

Cloud Architecture from LI TECH Solutions

LI TECH design teams work through an intensive evaluation process when recommending which cloud architecture works best for the enterprise. Companies with excessive workloads and multiple teams working in varied locations around the world may discover our public or hybrid cloud solutions work best. 

Public clouds offer good fluctuating demand, while private clouds are exemplary for workloads with predictable patterns. LI TECH’s hybrid clouds are catch-all solutions that can be hosted on any continent.

If safety is a fundamental consideration for your organization, LI TECH’s private cloud offering may be the best answer. We can tailor security and firewalls for the most sensitive and demanding information environments such as federal, local governments, and comparable organizations. 

Organizations that need ultimate compliance, LI TECH can implement security and controls from Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. Our smaller companies can find advantageous cost benefits with our tailored private cloud services.  

LI TECH Solutions seeks to identify the right mix of individual technologies and scalable resources which provide your enterprise the ideal cloud environment. Our cloud architecture is a developmental process designed to give each company its revolutionary business operating model. 

We endeavor to assimilate each of the following resources into our cloud architecture:

LI TECH Cloud solutions provide interoperability across varied enterprise environments. We can build a cloud architecture that fosters innovation and growth within the organization.