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Worldwide breakthroughs in healthcare, science, and industry come to life in the hundreds of thousands of high-tech laboratories. LI TECH Solutions and its laboratory technologies have revolutionized the work and data flow inside these research facilities.

Laboratory technologies have experienced rapid and dramatic change in recent decades, and exponential shifts are expected to continue. Testing techniques, data transfer, and advancements in equipment have made innovation available to all high-tech laboratories.

LI TECH Solutions Concentrates on Five Technologies for our Laboratory Partners.

  • Security has been transformed from lock and key to hardware firewalls, encrypted software, and network rules. Administrators now have control over designated individuals who are allowed to access the equipment at hand. LI TECH can monitor the systems inside advanced laboratories for efficient operation.

    LI TECH uses its considerable resources to secure laboratory property. We implement specific applications according to  LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems). LI TECH has the experience needed to secure every area of the modern research facility. 

  • Space Efficiency from LI TECH is another technological advancement for laboratories. Our engineers make certain your facility has the physical space needed for process and analytical procedures.
    A single chip can now perform the same functions bulky, room-sized equipment undertook in the past. 
Laboratories Managed IT Services NYC
  • Sustainability is not a topic most administrators concern themselves with. However, LI TECH concerns itself with all aspects of our clients, and laboratories consume five times the energy compared to a similar office. We concentrate on the advancements in resource consumption and power generation to create better process efficiency for our laboratory partners.
  • Automation advancements from LI TECH help our clients optimize existing processes to make them more streamlined. We take the repetitive tasks that require so much human capital and free up the workforce using updated computers, cloud services, networks, and robotics.
    LI TECH engineers use their considerable experience to improve collecting and assimilating the mounds of data laboratories generate. This leaves technicians free to focus on the results rather than mundane processes.
  • Innovative Laboratories are a considerable boon for scientists and technicians. Just as home appliances improve family life, so do the adjustments made to the laboratory setting. LI TECH uses its major divisions to interconnect the research facilities of the future. Our cloud resources allow researchers to communicate and upload findings to their respective communities.

LI TECH Solutions, the best MSP provider in Long Island, New York, has been serving the needs of our laboratories for years. As we grow, so do the technological advancements for our clients. We continue to invest in solutions that benefit laboratory information management, enhanced productivity, and connectivity for long-term solutions.

Our four main divisions interconnect with the goals of our lab partners.

LI Tech is excited to be an integral part of the future technological needs of our lab partners.