Managed IT & MSP Services for Professional Services Long Island

Accelerate every area of your business with LI TECH Solutions. Professional firms, especially those in the New York area, need aggressive services to protect sensitive data in their email, messaging, and documentation. 

Law Firms, accounting, and Insurance companies need to make certain their technology supports operations. Downtime is not an option.

LI TECH’s expertise provides cloud, on-premise monitoring, and installation services. We remove the technological complexities of everyday business use so you can run your business more efficiently. With our pro-active management, we enable your business to meet your goals.

Strategic Professional IT Support Long Island

LI TECH can integrate the various new technologies into an existing IT infrastructure through evaluation and careful planning. Our engineers work hard to design a strategy for your success. 

We provide comprehensive technical support for current technologies, including cloud, on-premise, and network systems. With the guidance of an assigned technology advisor, your company will be on the right path.

The new normal is a hybrid workplace, where employees move easily between home and office. LI TECH Solutions can support these efforts with advanced security protocols, extended networks, and specialty applications.

Professional Services New York

We can provide remote workers with a self-installing VPN running on either Azure or AWS. Another option is a cloud-generated firewall to protect data and communications. With the new hybrid workforce comes new security challenges. 

LI TECH’s security division can ensure reliable connections while advancing productivity and a secure working environment.

Cloud Solutions Provider for Law Firms and other Professional Services

Cloud usage and its considerable benefits are on the rise; growing organizations need LI TECH professionals. We guide your organization as you create an effective cloud strategy.

Law Firms, Insurance Companies, and accounting organizations make heavy use of software as a service and other subscription-based platforms. LI TECH supports these professional frameworks and can install and monitor 24/7 to your exact specifications.

Security and Regulation

Professional service companies walk a fine line catering to a diverse number of people while staying compliant. Security is a priority when dealing with the massive number of connected devices, from office desktops to customer smartphones.  

LI TECH is equipped to handle the diverse demands of distributed computing. We are experts in security and privacy law, regulations, and compliance. 


Professional organizations must comply with the newly implemented regulation to thwart cybercriminals. The following are some of the organizations required to comply:

Long Island Technology Solutions Knows How to Protect Customers

The 23 NYCRR500 from the New York Financial Services Division are a set of rules that include many financial institutions. The regulations have been designed to protect financial service customers from the ever-growing threat of cyber-attacks. 

23 NYCRR500 requires institutions to regularly conduct security risk assessments, audit trails, and defensive infrastructures. 

LI TECH Solutions is equipped to deal with these new regulations and help our customers to comply. Please contact one of our threat assessment team members to set up a time to see how your organization may be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

We offer our expertise in dealing with regulations such as 23 NYCRR500. 

Type of Clients:

Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Insurance Companies

What do you do for them? What problems do you solve?

Provide tech support, Remote workforce support, and cloud adoption. Monitor systems, help guide on IT purchasing, manage fleets of pcs.

Manage a large field of cloud and SaaS services that these companies need to deliver for their clients. 


NYDFS 23 NYCRR 500 (main targets financial firms, insurance companies, etc