Security Best Practices | Long Island Tech Solutions

Company infrastructure dynamically evolves to meet the thriving needs of its employees and clients. LI TECH Solutions deploys a broad array of proprietary services to answer any threats, perceived or imminent. We deal with each challenge to your company head-on, whether it is a local hacker in the New York area, or a worldwide syndicate.

LI TECH Solutions will develop a tailored Best Practice checklist for each connected area of your enterprise. Businesses of all sizes share near-universal connectivity, with the obvious downside of fending off constant attacks.  

With so much at stake and attacks more frequent, our guidelines will encompass every person and device connected to your network. The goal is to define a set of rules and procedures for each employee to follow. These procedures establish the Company’s Security Policy in three critical areas.

  1. The Cloud 
  2. Company Networks
  3. Endpoints

Cloud Security Best Practice

No other global innovation has been engrained as quickly into company culture as cloud technology. Its future possibilities and present working disciplines have brought a new scale of protection and threats to the enterprise. 

Any connected system or device outside the physical boundaries of the company receives heightened scrutiny by LI TECH engineers.

We support Microsoft’s entire Windows ecosystem, from servers and workstations to the Azure Cloud. Microsoft has established itself as one of the few enterprises that can deliver cyber protection at scale for any company in the world.

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    • LI TECH will institute a two-factor authentication process for any user with access to the company’s cloud. Two-factor authentication is the foundation of our zero-trust security model. 
    • Cloud security awareness training for all employees is vital to company security. Real-world experience drives our solution-based approach, and our teams will convey this belief to your employees.
  • LI TECH engineers can make certain no single breach will bring down the network.

Protecting the enterprise from all cyber threats, either internal or external, is our goal.

Long Island Tech's Network Guidelines

LI TECH is a firm believer in network trust and a firm encrypted handshake between every connected device and person. The measures we take to secure networks for your company evolve from the following guidelines.

  1. LI TECH recommends a thorough quarterly review of the entire organization IT Infrastructure. We update network security, patch software, and install any new applications.
  2. As part of our services, we can configure a scheduled backup of the entire system or specific areas. Our goals are the improvements of RPO data and RTO times across the system. 
  3.  LI TECH believes each of your systems must stay compliant with Federal and local regulations to keep sensitive data from malicious intruders. 
  4. In partnership with your IT Department, timelines must be established to review and update network policies and guidelines.


Future-ready security protection eliminates gaps in a network to provide maximum protection. It is critical to have a comprehensive plan for each endpoint connected to a network, whether internal or external.

LI TECH focuses on the following endpoint capabilities.