Microsoft Solutions Partner | Long Island, NY

LI TECH Solutions and Microsoft have created powerful infrastructure opportunities and benefits for businesses in the cloud and on-premise. LI TECH’s global ecosystem covers devices, services, and software for the enterprise and small businesses.

LI TECH Solutions is one of only a few Silver Members of the Microsoft Partner Network. The designation requires hard work and unconditional focus on the job at hand, with plenty of firms not  deserving the honor. LI TECH staff is continuously trained to meet the ever evolving standards of being a partner with Microsoft.

LI TECH’s association with Microsoft can power innovative companies to a better future.

Business Applications, Infrastructure, and LI TECH | NY & Tri-State Area

Our priorities are delivering  the tools your business needs to operate successfully  at scale. Our staff  concentrates on providing productivity and collaborative solutions, to help your organization succeed. 

  • LI TECH’s enterprise platform is engineered to develop and track cloud infrastructures and web-based applications across Microsoft’s diverse product base.

With Microsoft at our side, LI TECH stands by your organization, big or small, as it competes in the new millennia.

Microsoft delivers its diverse and innovative technologies through its global partner program, with  partnerships influencing 95% of global commercial revenue. Our customers experience enhanced collaboration opportunities along with expanded productivity from our relationship with Microsoft.

Microsoft Solutions Partner NY & Long Island, Microsoft Partner Network

LI TECH and Azure

Every type of business enterprise is migrating to the cloud. LI TECH is an indispensable part of the global cloud revolution. We work with Microsoft’s Azure platform to bring our clients the absolute best in innovative cloud technology. 

LI TECH’s Personal approach to your success is clear from the beginning of the relationship.

Future-ready applications are assembled everydays on the Azure Platform. LI TECH design engineers  bring global productivity to your doorstep with Dynamics, Office 365, and Microsoft Teams. 

Migrating your firm to Microsoft Azure is a transparent and unified process. LI TECH can transition as much of your enterprise assets as you choose, On your schedule. Ongoing training and support will keep your team ahead of the technology curve for years to come.

LI TECH Solutions and Microsoft

Take advantage of LI TECH’s ample resources to strengthen every area of the enterprise. Each interconnected division of LI TECH lets you get back the job of running your organization. 

No matter the intricacies of your business, Microsoft and LI TECH Solutions have a pathway to your success. 

LI TECH can install or manage your technologies from servers, workstations, and software to the cloud and its infrastructures. Our association with Microsoft brings enterprise-level tools and experience to your organization. 

We know Microsoft.