Microsoft AI Services

Microsoft AI Services

AI is revolutionizing our world, and it’s here to stay. Business owners today are faced with a choice: learn to use AI in innovative ways or fall behind as their competitors leverage its power. AI can take your company’s growth potential and operational efficiency to new heights. But, as with any technology, you need experts to help you make the most of this tool. LI TECH’s outsourced IT services are the perfect solution.

At LI TECH, we believe in staying one step ahead of the latest technological advancements. Based in Long Island, NYC, we provide a full spectrum of outsourced IT services, from managed IT services to compliant IT, cloud infrastructure, data protection, and more. Want to use Microsoft AI to take your business to the next level? With our Microsoft AI services, you can put our cutting-edge industry knowledge and technical expertise to work for you.

The time to join the AI revolution is now. LI TECH will help you unlock the creative and technical advantages Microsoft AI can offer.

What is Microsoft AI?

Microsoft AI is powered by Azure, a cloud platform that facilitates the global development of applications and services. Azure offers access to over 600 services, including Microsoft AI, identity protection services, virtual machines, app and website development services, data management and storage, and much more.

Currently, Microsoft AI enhances users’ experience when using services such as:

  • Teams
  • Windows
  • Microsoft 365
  • Azure AI
  • Power Platform
  • Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Defender

and more. It can empower users in all industries and walks of life to achieve more – including the users in your organization.

How do you start incorporating Microsoft AI? Implementing it smoothly into your existing infrastructure is the key to leveraging artificial intelligence. Determine which Microsoft AI services can best improve your company’s current processes and procedures. Then, begin a gradual process of implementation, testing, and evaluation. LI TECH’s team of knowledgeable professionals takes a targeted, individualized approach to implementation.

Discover What Microsoft AI Services Can Do For You

Where can Microsoft AI Services take your business? Artificial intelligence can simplify and streamline your organization’s key processes, offering profitable solutions in the short term and long term. A few of the countless processes that Microsoft AI can improve include:

Compliance monitoring
Processing customer feedback and input
Supply chain optimization
Data analysis
Market research

With LI TECH’s outsourced IT services, you can apply AI solutions to problems facing your organization today. You can also develop proactive ways to stay on the cutting edge of AI capabilities as your business moves into the future.

AI As A Service: Your Key To Low-Risk AI Implementation

When you use AI as a service (AIaaS), your business can experiment with AI in a lower-stakes environment. You won’t face the initial costs associated with private cloud computing AI. Instead, you can quickly deploy AI solutions without creating your own AI tools. Using AIaaS tools, your company can develop customized AI services to meet your unique needs. LI TECH provides the best Long Island IT support to help you unlock the full potential of AI as a service.

Using AI To Revolutionize Customer Service

How can artificial intelligence help your business offer a better customer service experience? Using Microsoft AI, you can handle customer service issues more efficiently, using chatbots and virtual agents that are available any time of the day or night. Microsoft AI’s ability to use and understand natural language can foster timely, highly satisfying customer interactions. The question is not whether tomorrow’s businesses will implement AI customer service –  which ones will do it most effectively. LI TECH offers IT support for businesses who want to stay on the cutting edge of what’s possible.

What You Get When You Choose LI Tech As Your Microsoft AI Partner

LI TECH is prepared to handle all of your company’s IT needs, from hardware to software to networking and more. When you partner with us for Microsoft AI services, you’ll be able to access all the solutions you need, right here with us. Our Microsoft AI services offer key benefits like:


  • Proven expertise over 8 years of company growth
  • Scalability and flexibility to suit your unique needs over time
  • Cost-effective solutions that save you money
  • Proactive partnership that provides backup when you need it most
  • Adoption support that makes initial setup and implementation a breeze


At LI TECH, we’re responsive to your needs because we take your success seriously. No other Long Island IT partner is more invested in your business than we are.

LI TECH: The Right Choice For Your Microsoft AI Needs

Ready to learn more about partnering with LI Technology Solutions, Inc.? As your comprehensive outsourced IT service partner on Long Island, NYC, we handle your tech needs so you can get back to running your organization. Contact us today to set up a free consultation and technology assessment.