Security Tool: Business & Corporate Systems Downtime Calculator​

Best Long Island MSP Company For Business Data Recovery and Downtime Solution

The LI Tech Solutions Downtime Calculator is our MSP solution that can help you assess the potential costs associated with downtime, in order to help you better understand the need for data management and continuity services. The calculator takes into account the cost of lost productivity and revenue, as well as the cost of restoring data, to give you a complete picture of the potential costs of downtime. You can input data on the cost of lost productivity, the cost of restoring data, the average time to restore data, the average reaction time, and the amount of data to be restored. The calculator then provides an estimate of the cost of downtime, in both the case of your current recovery process and the case of using our continuity and recovery tools. With this information, you can make more informed decisions on how to best protect your business against the costly effects of downtime. Enter your information and calculate your downtime. Contact LI Tech Solutions for support on the matter.