Long Island Architecture/Engineering Solutions

Architect and Engineering firms are doing more, from computational design to advanced structural engineering. LI TECH support offers  IT consulting services near you in New York, that meet your exact needs and budget.

Integrating the cloud and applications such as AutoCAD are vital to the success of these design firms. New technologies such as 3D printing are making a significant impact on the industry. 

We offer a unique set of services for the diverse and complex challenges engineering and architectural firms are faced with every day. LI TECH goes to great lengths to find practical solutions to inefficiencies within the system.

Focused on Results

Our support extends to every area of your company:

  • Whether you’re a Long Island business or not, our Remote Workforce Support has everything your organization needs to be productive and thriving. Our engineers install and maintain any of your voice, collaboration, and video conferencing systems and components.
  • As part of our managed services, we offer comprehensive tech support for your installed software and applications. Any servers, desktops, and networks can be supported 24/7.
  • cloud strategy can be implemented and maintained at the granular level of your company up to mission-critical hardware and software.
Managed IT Services for Architecture & Engineering Firms NY

CAD/Graphics Deployment

LI TECH engineers make sure your staff has the tools it needs to be successful. Deep engineering and technology expertise allows us to design and implement services that integrate seamlessly with your existing IT environment.

LI TECH has developed our own best practices to design and implement necessary software and network protocols. The packages we have experience with:

  • AutoCAD
  • Revit
  • Solidworks
  • DraftSight
  • Autodesk Inventor

We are dedicated to staying on the job until your solution is up and running.

LI TECH Solutions | Long Island, New York

We seek to provide our clients with a central resource for all their technological needs. The real value of LI TECH is after our install engineers have left the building and the initial contract is finished. 

Our services extend much further than system design and installation.

Automation and the cloud have become critical components of any IT strategy. LI TECH is an end-to-end solution provider for these services.

The unique needs of our architect and engineering firms must be given personal attention. We examine your needs to increase efficiency for your staff.

LI TECH can employ each of our divisions to implement a comprehensive strategy for architect and engineering firms. From hosted management to our cloud division, we have the resources available to meet any specific need.

Type of Clients: Architecture / Engineering companies

What do you do for them? What problems do you solve?

Provide tech support, Remote workforce support and cloud adoption for businesses inside and outside of New York. Cloud VDI deployments for AutoCAD, Revit, other complex graphic/CAD software, 

Monitor systems, help guide on IT purchasing, manage fleets of pcs. Manage a large field of cloud and SaaS services that these companies need to deliver for their clients


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