Data Protection

LI Tech Solutions create a cost-efficient and resilient backup infrastructure for any size enterprise. We deliver the protection you demand, getting everyone back to work in minutes.

If disaster strikes, can you rely on your current protection schemes?

LI Tech’s Backup Strategies and methods are the future of data protection and advanced Backup solutions. Our Products are flexible, demanding, and each are assimilated into the LI Tech Suite of Hosted Services. 

Our Backup solutions:

  • Cloud and On-Premise Backup Architecture; highly efficient, low-touch deployment for any server, workstation, or device. 
  • Centralized Real-Time Dashboards; intuitive consoles to administer backup and recovery. One set of backup guidelines for every workload and platform.
  • Continuous data protection; backup critical files in near real-time and restore to any point.  End-to-end data encryption on all your devices and to the cloud. 
  • Self-Directed Healing; constantly monitor logical and physical integrity of backup data as it’s written to storage.

Resource Scaling; no more headaches with capacity planning and spikes in usage.

Disaster Recovery

Threats have evolved into environmental calamities, cyber sabotage, cloud and technology breakdowns, or standard operator error. 

Disaster can hit your company at any time. LI Tech lets nothing slip through the cracks!

Take the steps necessary to safeguard your data, systems, and applications before they are lost. Our complete or partial backup methods are your insurance against catastrophic failure.

  • The recovery process identifies application interdependencies and automates their shutdown or reboot in the correct order based on pre-determined scenarios.  
  • End-to-end encrypted data security from LI Tech Solutions is a flexible safeguard for any environment—virtual, on-premises, hybrid, or in the cloud.
  • We support over 20 distinct platforms and workloads, with unlimited scaling. Choose your backup location from Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Wasabi Cloud, and On-Premise.
  • Your business requires a developed approach to current ransomware attacks and compliance risks. Protect your company’s future with Backup solutions from LI Tech.
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Proactive Back-Ups and Ransomware Protection 

LI Tech’s AI and ML technologies proactively defend your data against ransomware with virtually instantaneous data recovery. Avoid loss of productivity and costly downtime with industry quick RTO’s.  

Recovery point objectives are vastly improved, we save valuable company data. Our granular approach can save valuable data and have your applications up and running in a few minutes. 

Partner with LI Tech Solutions

Malicious assaults from ransomware can infiltrate servers, workstations, smartphones, and any device connected to the network. Traditional backup technologies can no longer waste resources on tedious backup and reconstruction processes. 

In today’s business, there is enormous pressure from every department to deliver value to the organization. The volume of data loss costs the firm thousands every minute. Our engineers may recommend a virtual failover environment to insulate assets.

Ally with LI Tech 

Our solutions offer built-in expertise, extensive automation, and intuitive dashboards to minimize human error and reduce manual effort.

An industry leader in data protection and backup strategies, LI Tech Solutions offers a wide range of products to secure your data, no matter where it resides. 

LI Tech offers a suite of tools for recovery, data archiving, and replication. Our integrated frameworks support mission-critical data, improves uptime, and ensures data integrity.