Managed Healthcare IT Services, Long Island, New York

Digital healthcare is a skill that develops strategies and methods to advance the quality of life. At Long Island Technology Solutions, this advancement has become a huge part of our mission, directly contributing to the growth of digital care across Long Island’s vibrant healthcare industry. 

LI Tech stands behind the mandate to safeguard patient records and is focused on protecting our healthcare providers. With all of the rapid advancements in technology, we ensure that these improvements in healthcare IT services translate into enhanced HIPAA compliance without compromising the seamless operation of your medical practice. 

LI Tech Solutions keeps your healthcare and medical office compliant with all HIPAA and HITECH Act regulations, providing MSP healthcare support that aligns with the latest federal and state guidelines. Trust in LI Tech Solutions, your managed healthcare IT company, to maintain the integrity and security of your patient records. 

Compliance as a Service for Long Island IT Support

CaaS (Compliance as a Service) is our latest platform, created exclusively for LI Tech’s healthcare providers. CaaS streamlines the complex web of regulations imposed by state and federal entities, ensuring your practice meets every HIPAA and HITECH requirement with our Long Island IT support.

CaaS caters to a diverse group of healthcare organizations, including:

  • Healthcare centers and Hospitals 
  • Telehealth 
  • Doctor and Dental Offices 
  • Maternity Centers 
  • Clinics and Laboratories

LI Tech works with the world’s largest healthcare providers, leading our clients to the latest advancements in telehealth technologies. Our expertise in managing digital assets, streamlining workflow for staff efficiency, and maintaining compliance ensures that modern health institutions can trust us as their managed healthcare IT company. We take pride in our role, diligently working to keep your institution not only compliant but also at the forefront of healthcare IT innovation.

Modernizing Doctor’s Offices with MSP IT Support New York

LI Tech keeps contemporary doctor offices, clinics, laboratories, and hospitals in Long Island safe and compliant. With the rise in cyber-attacks, which are becoming more frequent and complex, our Long Island IT support is crucial. We manage and secure the EMR assets of each client with the finest software and hardware platforms available to ensure healthcare IT services meet and exceed current standards. 

Here are the key areas we focus on with our MSP IT Support

  • Robust Cybersecurity Measures 
  • EMR Management 
  • Regulatory Compliance 
  • Infrastructure Upgrades 
  • Data Protection 

Our teams are passionate about assisting healthcare organizations and advancing the various workflows in the modernized doctor facility. We commit to keeping up with and setting new standards in managed healthcare IT services, making LI Tech Solutions a trusted partner for medical professionals across New York.

HIPAA and HITECH Compliant Patient Communication in Long Island

After a meticulous assessment process, LI Tech can recommend improvements and enhancements to how your practice handles phone calls and emails. By addressing the specific needs of your healthcare practice, we work to eliminate errors and inefficiencies prevalent in non-customized systems, integrating Long Island IT support that upholds HIPAA and HITECH standards.

LI Tech’s training staff can make certain email and phone procedures are fully HIPAA and HITECH-compliant. Not only do we focus on the technical setup, but we also ensure your office obtains written authorization from each patient before disseminating privileged health material, safeguarding both patient privacy and your practice’s reputation.

By maintaining these stringent protocols, LI Tech Solutions upholds the highest standards for MSP healthcare support, ensuring that every facet of patient communication adheres to the necessary regulations. 

Long Island Technology Solutions MSP Healthcare Support

Our entire staff at LI Tech takes enormous pride in the quality of assistance we provide to Long Island’s healthcare facilities. Throughout the years, clients have depended on the software, hardware, and systems we have installed and meticulously maintained for MSP healthcare support.

Technological breakthroughs are being experienced in every field of healthcare. As a managed healthcare IT company, LI Tech is a recognized leader in the implementation, design, and maintenance of advanced healthcare procedures. Our design engineers are adept at creating compliant solutions that leverage the remarkable progress being made in healthcare IT services.

LI Tech Solutions takes a proactive approach to managing the considerable volume of ongoing and new technologies that healthcare institutions must employ. From servers to workstations and from software to configuration, LI Tech has the unparalleled ability to deliver health platforms across varied environments, ensuring Long Island IT support that keeps pace with the demands of modern healthcare. 

We keep a tight rein on your technology assets with our IT services for healthcare. Contact us today.