Digital Healthcare is the skill to develop strategies and methods, advancing the quality of life. LI TECH Solutions has fortified itself in the growth of digital care.

LI TECH Solutions stands behind the mandates of safeguarding patient records, focused on protecting our healthcare providers. In many ways technology has improved HIPAA compliance and it has also hindered efforts. LI TECH strikes a balance between advancements and a compliant office. 

LI TECH keeps your office compliant with all HIPAA and HITECH Act regulations.

Compliance as a Service

CaaS (Compliance as a Service) is our latest platform, created exclusively for LI TECH’s healthcare providers. CaaS checks off the mountain of regulations enforced by state and federal agencies to meet HIPAA and HITECH requirements.

CaaS is a service for the following organizations:

  • Healthcare centers and Hospitals
  • Telehealth 
  • Doctor and Dental Offices
  • Maternity Centers
  • Clinics and Laboratories

LI TECH works with the world’s largest healthcare providers, leading our clients to the latest advancements in Telehealth technologies. Managing digital assets, encouraging staff to operate efficiently, and keeping the contemporary health institution compliant is our profession.

Managed Healthcare IT Services New York & Long Island, Healthcare Tech Support

Modern Doctor’s Office

LI TECH keeps the contemporary doctor’s office, clinics, laboratories, and hospitals safe and compliant. Cyber-attacks are more frequent and complex. We manage and secure the EMR assets of each client with the finest software and hardware platforms available. 

Our teams are passionate about assisting healthcare organizations and advancing the various workflows that go into the modernized doctor facility.

HIPAA and HITECH Compliant Patient Communication

After a meticulous assessment process, LI TECH can recommend improvements and enhancements on how your practice handles phone calls and emails. Eliminate errors and inefficiencies that are so prevalent in non-customized systems. 

LI TECH’s training staff can make certain email and phone procedures fully HIPAA and HITECH compliant. We ensure your office has written authorization from each patient before sending privileged health material.

LI TECH Support

Our entire staff takes enormous pride in the quality of assistance we provide to our healthcare facilities. Through the years, clients have relied on LI TECH software, hardware, and the systems we have installed and maintained. 

Technological breakthroughs are being experienced in every field of healthcare. LI TECH is a recognized leader in the implementation, design, and maintenance of advanced healthcare procedures. LI TECH design engineers create compliant solutions which take advantage of the mind-boggling progress being made in healthcare.

LI TECH Solutions takes a proactive approach in managing the enormous volume of ongoing and new technologies that healthcare institutions must employ. From servers to workstations, software and configuration, LI TECH has the unique ability to deliver health platforms across varied environments.

We keep a tight rein on your technology assets.