Healthcare’s Digital Transformation: Why it Matters

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Healthcare’s Digital Transformation: Why it Matters

The healthcare sector is in the midst of a major digital transformation. With the advent of new technologies in artificial intelligence, cloud services, and cyber security, medical organizations and facilities ranging from large hospitals to private practices to small clinics must lean into this transformation to provide the best care to their patients. But what exactly is the healthcare digital transformation in Long Island, NYC, and why does it matter? Read on to discover the answers to these questions and more.

What Is Digital Transformation in Healthcare in Long Island, NYC?

The “digital transformation” is the rapid adoption and spread of new technologies, digital solutions, and data practices throughout the healthcare industry. For example, many medical providers now offer telehealth services, plus secure portals for patients to access their medical data 24/7.

Yet despite the rapid progress of new digital tech tools and platforms throughout the healthcare industry, most efforts at maximizing digital transformation are less than successful. According to the Boston Consulting Group, only about 30% of digital transformation efforts are “clearly successful.”

Clinics, private practices, and large hospitals must have the right IT support to ensure their digital transformations go smoothly. 

Streamlining Healthcare Data Management with Managed IT Services in Long Island

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Why Is Digital Transformation Important in Healthcare Long Island, NYC?

There are many critical reasons why healthcare’s ongoing digital transformation is vital for modern patients in Long Island, NYC and beyond.

Stronger Security Is Vital

For starters, it’s never been more critical for hospitals, medical centers, and other healthcare facilities to have strong digital security. In the first half of 2023 alone, over 39 million individuals have been affected by healthcare data breaches.

Healthcare data breaches can lead to identity theft, loss of medical facility reputation, and even patient injury (if patient data is taken and compromised/altered by cybercriminals).

To better protect their patients and avoid significant fines and penalties, healthcare organizations must adopt transformative digital technologies to ensure comprehensive IT protection across the board.

Patients Need Secure Access to Their Data

At the same time, modern healthcare patients in Long Island, NYC and elsewhere require secure, consistent access to their medical data. By giving patients access to their health records and personal information, medical organizations:

This often involves giving patients secure portals to access their healthcare info whenever they want to see it. But it also involves connecting different digital tools to facilitate fast data updates, strong cyber security, and other elements of a robust, interconnected IT infrastructure at hospitals and other healthcare facilities.  

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Remote Medicine Is Rising

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a trend that was already in motion: the rise of telehealth or remote medicine. In essence, many patients now expect to be able to communicate with their healthcare providers and even go through basic checkups entirely remotely, all without having to leave their homes.

Ensuring that your healthcare organization progresses through the digital transformation is vital to meet these rising needs. Many patients now require telehealth visits and resources from their healthcare providers. Your medical practitioners can provide it with video conferencing software, interconnected webcams and microphones, and more.

The rise of remote medicine will also help medical facilities provide their care to a greater range of patients from further away.

Tools Need to Work Together

Digital transformation also matters because modern tech tools must be developed and integrated well. Many medical facilities and their staff members struggle to adopt modern tools and platforms purely because they do not interface with each other, forcing them to rely on older, analog options.

As the digital transformation progresses, more tools will become easily integrated with facilities’ tech stacks, speeding up widespread digital adoption. That’s doubly true with the assistance of managed IT service providers like LI Tech Solutions.

Healthcare Compliance and Cloud Computing

How Can LI Tech Help Your Healthcare Organization Meet Modern Challenges?

Because the healthcare digital transformation is so multifaceted and complex, it can be tough for your healthcare organization to meet these new challenges on its own. That’s where LI Tech Solutions can help.

Managed Services

Our managed IT services, including network auditing, risk mitigation, and cloud architecture setup and management, can form the cornerstone of your modern digital evolution effort. We’ll help you set up new technologies throughout your healthcare organization and ensure you and your staff know how to use those technologies adequately for your patients.

For example, we can integrate your existing tech and tools with the cloud and provide hosting with scalable resources depending on your hour-to-hour needs.  

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Data Protection

At LI Tech Solutions, we provide various data protection services to businesses throughout Long Island, NYC. These include:

  • Disaster recovery services
  • Data backup services
  • Resource scaling
  • Data analysis and network monitoring
  • And more

You’ll feel safer than ever with LI Tech at your side! 

Cloud Services

We also offer a variety of cloud services, including private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, and multi-clouds. We can transfer your technology, data, and resources to the cloud for easier access throughout your organization without compromising digital security.

Staff Training

Many of the biggest challenges of the digital transformation stem from a lack of training for healthcare staff members. We can help you create and maintain effective, positive learning techniques so your staff members know how to use advanced tools and technologies to maximum effect.

In addition, this will minimize the overall risk your organization faces from digital threats like hackers and phishing scams.

Get in Touch with LI Tech Solutions For a Healthcare Digital Transformation in Long Island, NYC

Ultimately, LI Tech Solutions is the go-to Long Island IT services provider for healthcare organizations like yours throughout New York City and the surrounding metropolitan area. We offer data protection, cloud infrastructure, staff training, and much more: all valuable services that can help you make the most of the digital transformation and ensure your healthcare organization is modernized for your patients.

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