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Maintaining a skilled IT staff is crucial to the long-term prosperity of any business. Technology changes by the hour, and without a knowledgeable staff, the enterprise risks falling behind its competitors.

Long Island TECH is a staunch believer in the value premise of cross-training every member of the IT department. Training methods should be carried out continuously and based on the employee’s background and needs.

Training and employee development have never been so crucial. Companies must identify new and compelling ways to train their employees within unrelenting time constraints.

Long Island TECH Training Ideologies

Effective and constructive training should never be approached as a one size fits all model. Depending on the enterprise, LI TECH recommends the following concepts:

  • Training starts at recruitment. Hire staff members with a collaborative mindset and eager to work and learn. Try a role-playing exercise during the interview—gauge a candidate on their openness to learning, communication skills, and their approach to work through roadblocks. Do not consider candidates based purely on technical skills.
  • Pair and group new IT personnel to senior staff members for effective cross-training. Sharing various aspects of the position helps new personnel learn and retain more effectively. Training in small groups or pairs keeps everyone fully engaged. Identify specific problems in the company’s network, cloud, or data storage and have each group solve the issue without outside interference.
  • Outsource training depends on the company’s specific situation. Many companies do not have the time to train effectively and must outsource its training. Consider a hybrid training program, where a day is earmarked for a professional training presentation. Leverage the expertise of skilled employees to teach in a classroom environment.
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Create a learning culture within the company; give employees a chance to demonstrate their competence.

Traditional and Contemporary Training Techniques

Modern companies use an assortment of training methods and should not be restricted to one particular approach. The validity of the approach depends on the nature of the company and its work force.

Long Island TECH Solutions believes there is no right or wrong way to train new technology personnel, only what is effective. Any training method must incorporate the latest advancements as they apply to the company.

Training techniques have evolved because of remote working environments and diverse cultures. The workplace for multi-national corporations has become more complex. Smaller enterprises need to have everyone connected.

LI TECH employs the following principles to their technology training methods:

Companies must continuously develop employees’ skills to thrive. Encourage various training and learning methods in the workplace that bring out the best in new employees.