Managed Services

Managed Services

LI TECH Solutions is implementing cloud computing technologies for small to midsize companies. Our cloud designs provide innovation at scale for a variety of industries, while offering  end-to-end cloud computing solutions, from installation to deployment.

LI TECH empowers your organization to innovate in the cloud’s vast ecosystem. We are your gateway to ultra-modern cloud computing power, advanced networking configurations, and infinite storage capacity.

We use advanced services such as virtualization to pool company resources into available cloud configurations. This feature  eliminates resource drawbacks.  These resources are then pooled into clouds, such as automation or management tools. The resources are then allocated into varied environments, so users can identify what they need when they need it.

LI TECH Managed Services

Networks: We provide full network auditing, security, and risk mitigation. Our IT infrastructure and network services facilitate company growth by scaling technologies. We advance the pace of project planning, design, and implementation for the enterprise.

LI TECH continually scrutinizes company technology, enhancing each network segment for performance and efficiency.

Cloud architecture:  cloud integration and hosting from LI TECH Solutions is scalable and predictable, delivering the exact number of required resources at the most opportune hour. We take the time to understand your requirements and tailor solutions designed specifically for your operation. 

LI TECH Solutions can link your company to Microsoft’s array of productivity and collaboration tools;  enhancing productivity and communication across varied remote workforces. 

Managed IT Services NYC & Long Island

Data and Business Intelligence:  no matter the industry, LI TECH’s Reflexive Web Application Engineering team designs and implements solutions that place your company ahead of the competition. Our teams can build applications to improve upon a specific area of your operation. Or develop complex coding strategies to revolutionize the enterprise and its industry.

DATA: from storage to files in transit, we consider no other element of the company as crucial to its success as its data. Countless files and folders, intellectual wealth, and proprietary data need to be protected at all costs. 

LI TECH Solutions has an answer. The methods we create are cost-efficient and skillfully administered.

Benefits of LI TECH Services

LI TECH Managed Services and monitoring frees up valuable IT time for internal staff members. Your teams can concentrate on day-to-day challenges while cultivating a strategic mentality. You benefit from the expertise of LI TECH’s Robust Managed Services.

LI TECH Solutions represents a host of benefits so that company management can make better decisions.