Best Managed IT Services for Non-Profits in New York

Long Island Technology Solutions offers MSP services for Non-profits in the New York Area

Success for our vital non-profit organizations is not defined by profits, flourishing product sales, or rising salaries. Truly successful Non-Profits Organizations have a passionate base of believers and committed leadership.

LI TECH Solutions delivers the services needed for non-profit organizations to achieve their objectives. The difficulties non-profits face in business dealings are unique, and thorough forethought must be given to the solutions.

Non-profit companies focus on fundraising, volunteers, and mission-driven initiatives. Most often, technology and its maintenance are low priorities. These obstacles are where LI TECH steps in.

Challenges Facing Non-Profits IT and the LI Tech Solutions:

  • DATA and security are critical assets for non-profits, as it is with most organizations. LI TECH Solutions work closely with our area organizations to protect assets.
    • 1. Password policies are often overlooked. We improve these shortcomings with two-factor authentication and password criteria.
    • 2. Unsupported and Open-source software are used because of budget constraints.  Our teams work to ensure the organization has a clear understanding of disaster recovery and managing digital assets.
  • Cloud computing has become a vital technology tool for the world’s businesses. However, only about 15% of non-profits use cloud-based accounting or fundraising solutions. Our Sales Engineers point out the clear advantages of using the cloud and letting LI Tech manage their infrastructure.
Managed IT Services for Non-Profits in New York

Long Island Technology Solutions and Microsoft, Working for Our Non-Profit Organizations In New York & Tri-State Area

Inadequate budgets make it difficult for the organization to afford the latest software, firewalls, and operating systems. LI TECH partners with Microsoft and other technology providers to offer substantial discounts to our non-profits.

LI TECH is a Silver Partner on the Microsoft Partner Network. We have demonstrated proven expertise in delivering solutions to a variety of specialized industries. The software behemoth provides numerous discounts, products, and services to support the work of legitimate non-profits.

  • Office 365 is a Best-in-Class productivity solution. Microsoft offers the business suite free of charge to the first 10 users and discounts monthly access to additional users 11 to 300. LI TECH has extensive knowledge of installing and maintaining the Office Suite.
  • 10% discount on a NEW Surface computer.
  • LI TECH implements your organization’s move to the cloud with Microsoft and its Azure platform. Discounted monthly pricing and $3500.00 in yearly credits to build a cloud infrastructure.
  • Managing donors and volunteers is a constant challenge. LI TECH can help with these hurdles by implementing a Microsoft  Dynamics 365 platform for the organization. Deep “Per User” discounts to modernize the contemporary Non-Profit.

LI Technology Solutions MSP Services for Non-Profits