IT Cloud Services for New York City Businesses

IT Cloud Services for New York City Businesses

Space is at a premium in New York City, and your business may not have the space (or the budget) to run its servers and digital architecture. This is doubly true if your business is relatively new and you want to scale quickly and flexibly with your growing customer base. The solution? IT cloud services are designed specifically for New York City businesses just like yours.

Fortunately, LI TECH Solutions can provide the right cloud services for your organization based on your budget, infrastructure needs, and other factors. Let’s take a look at our IT cloud services for your New York City business now.  

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Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud infrastructure as a service or IaaS is one of the most important cloud service models for modern companies. Also called cloud infrastructure services, IaaS offers essentially serverless computing by providing computer infrastructure to end-users or clients across the Internet.

More specifically, IaaS can provide your organization with storage, network, servers, and virtualization services. Because of this, your company doesn’t have to maintain its own on-premises data center, nor do you need to worry about updating or maintaining components.

Cloud IaaS gives you the base computing tools you need to run software platforms or programs, ranging from programming kits to web applications and more.

In many cases, IaaS is used in conjunction with both cloud platforms as a service and cloud software as a service if you need a whole host of managed cloud services for your enterprise.

Like all managed cloud services, IaaS allows your team to focus primarily on what you do best: making your products and services for your target customers.  

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Scalable Cloud Architecture and Hosting | How Long Island Tech Does It

Many of the best-managed cloud services providers can offer integration and hosting. Full integration of your existing software or data means you don’t have to waste valuable time updating your systems and can instead benefit from cloud resources right off the bat.

Furthermore, organizations like LI TECH Solutions offer scalable and predictable hosting for your organization. This is cost-effective (since you don’t pay for resources you don’t use) and very flexible and convenient for your users.

Imagine that you need additional hosting space on only a few days of the week to handle increased traffic from your customers. With scalable cloud hosting from LI TECH Solutions, you can get just that without having to waste money on additional server space you don’t use throughout the rest of the week.

Cloud Platform as a Service

Platform as a service or PaaS offers cloud-streamed hardware and application software platforms when necessary. As with other cloud services, the hardware or application software platforms are both managed by your third-party service provider, such as LI TECH Solutions.

Meanwhile, your people can handle the full application and any of its data. Cloud PaaS is the choice of particularly good service for developers, programmers, and other tech-heavy companies.  

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In a nutshell, cloud PaaS gives your people the platform they need to develop, run, and eventually even manage their apps without having to build and maintain any additional infrastructure. This includes all the same benefits and conveniences as other cloud services.

  • You don’t have to update the platform or its software
  • You don’t need to worry about any other tech maintenance concerns
  • Platform security is handled entirely by your third-party cloud provider, which ensures your organization is kept up-to-date about modern cyber threats

Cloud Data Backups | New York’s Best MSP Explains

LI TECH Solutions take things one step further with PaaS and other managed cloud services: we provide cloud data backups for your servers, workstations, or even individual devices.

Data backups are more important than ever in this day and age. Cyber threats are constantly evolving and tech and finance organizations have to keep their users’ personal data safe, especially if they do international business.

Legislation such as the GDPR and other laws impose harsh fines and penalties if your data isn’t kept properly secure.

With cloud backup architecture ready to go, you won’t need to worry about valuable data being lost because of a crash or hack. If your site or servers ever go down, you can simply reboot to a recent version of the same information and continue with business as normal.

Additionally, LI TECH Solutions offers end-to-end data encryption for all your devices and cloud services. Since we take care of regular updates and maintenance, we also handle ongoing digital security.  

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Cloud Software as a Service

Cloud software as a service or SaaS is another important managed cloud service. It delivers web applications or software straight to your team without you needing to download and install the software packages manually.

Instead, your team can access any chosen web apps or software solutions straight through their web browsers. This means we handle:

  • General software maintenance
  • Software updates
  • Bug fixes
  • And more

In this way, your team just has to worry about using the apps to their best extent. SaaS from LI TECH can completely eliminate the need for each member of your team to have a version of the app installed on their computers, as well.

Because of this, SaaS facilitates remote work more efficiently and conveniently than any other solution. Entire groups of workers in your enterprise can use the same application through a browser without having to go through the hassle of buying and/or downloading the software beforehand.

How LI Tech Serves New York City Organizations

Ultimately, LI TECH Solutions is the go-to choice for managed cloud services for all New York City enterprises. Why?

Because we offer each of the above cloud services and more. We go above and beyond and offer a variety of cloud setups depending on your unique needs and budget, including:

  • Private clouds
  • Public clouds
  • Hybrid clouds
  • Multi-clouds

Whether you need full-scale cloud infrastructure support, platforms for your web developers to get to work quickly, or specific applications to share between your organization’s members, we can help. LI TECH Solutions offers managed cloud services no matter what you need. Contact us today and let’s get started.