How LI Tech Solutions Leverages the Cloud to Help Its Customers

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How LI Tech Solutions Leverages the Cloud to Help Its Customers

The cloud and its underlying technologies changed global business. Leveraging this resource has allowed businesses to grow in new markets previously too distant or cost-prohibitive.

LI Tech Solutions features a host of proprietary cloud infrastructure services that bring the cloud to your business doorstep. Cloud computing offers on-demand availability of data storage and computing power without limits. 

Long Island Tech Solutions: Cloud Offerings

LI Tech’s cloud services are optimized for each client. The company’s primary goal is to transform the organization so it has the potential to reach its future. The power of cloud technology enables organizations to access markets throughout the world previously unavailable.

Cloud computing from LI Tech can be a game-changer for small businesses because it eliminates the traditional barriers to entry. Larger organizations benefit as well; IT focus changes from legacy maintenance to innovation.

We deploy our cloud solutions in different ways depending on the needs of our clients.

The first consideration for the client is our deployment model. How will the client connect to the vast resources of its cloud? 

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Four alternatives:

  • Public Cloud these are third-party computing services. LI Tech employs arguably the best cloud service in the world, Microsoft Azure.
  • Private Clouds are restricted environments for deploying computing resources. The benefit of our private clouds is enormous, offering self-service and scalability.
  • Hybrids are combinations of public cloud environments. We can offer clients on-premise data-centers, allowing our technologies to be shared between each cloud.
  • Multi-Cloud, this approach is for organizations who want hybrid technology with public cloud accessibility. LI-Tech can provide on-premise data-centers with this configuration.

LI Tech’s five managed services will integrate into your company’s cloud infrastructure providing optimal innovation and business efficiency. We open up vast cloud ecosystems for our clients, and the possibilities are endless.

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Our cloud ecosystems provide strategic business intelligence to your organization. The rapid explosion of mobile delivery and access systems, social media, and big data gives new insights for business success. Companies are no longer locked into specific providers, tools, and platforms.

Long Island Tech’s Cloud Strategies:

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a popular choice for businesses needing unique applications without a significant investment. Organizations have pre-defined environments for software development. Our platforms can be used to test, run, and build a variety of applications.

Company developers can concentrate on the creative side of software development. The PaaS platform does all the tedious work for you; writing base code, software updates, and security patch management.

Microsoft Azure’s Marketplace provides hundreds of companies and applications providing pre-built platforms. Applications provide everything from scale, diagnostics to security management.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), We use a proprietary platform to control individual components in your network. IaaS is the simplest option for a business. Rather than significant cash outlays for servers and data storage, we migrate your infrastructure to the cloud.

Your company has the same technologies and services with total control. Again, head to the Azure Marketplace for the most innovative solutions for your infrastructure needs. 

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a dominant way for a company to access a full range of software to efficiently enable cloud systems with minimal database management. Company applications are accessed through a web browser, reducing the need for on-device downloads and updates.

Popular Software as a Service applications include Workday, Salesforce, and Microsoft 365.

Software as a Service is suitable for applications requiring web and mobile access. Start-ups that need to launch eCommerce websites without server or application development find SaaS helpful. 

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LI Tech Solutions can deliver a powerful combination of digital expertise and solutions to drive your business. Our engineers work closely with management to plot a cloud strategy. We can deliver a seamless migration and modernization of your company’s digital infrastructure that is cost-effective and secure.  Feel free to contact us today to see what we can do for your Long Island business.