Working Better With the Cloud

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Working Better With the Cloud

In all its forms and applications, the Cloud has revolutionized business. If a company chooses to be more efficient, secure, or scale to new heights, the Cloud is a precondition to success. According to the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council, 84% of small business owners consider cloud services fundamental to their successful operation.

An organization can extend employee productivity beyond the physical workplace and allow businesses to meet any future possibilities.  

The Cloud is one of a few ground-breaking technologies equally accessible to small, medium, and large enterprises. Whether the operation is a one-person shop or multi-national, the Cloud can generate an opportunity.

The following post highlights how integrated IT companies such as LITech Solutions bring all the possibilities of the Cloud to any size business. Only a few, highly trained organizations around the globe, offer the solutions as LI Tech.

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7 Ways The Cloud Transform Your Business

Consider the following seven areas where LI Tech Solutions has made a difference

  1. Scale at Speed. There are occasions when a business encounters a surge in production or a sudden rise in shipments. Moving operations to the Cloud allows the firm to deal with such increases quickly and efficiently. Services are better coordinated, support offerings are enhanced, and communications across the supply chain are reinforced.
  2. Greater Collaboration. According to Microsoft, 66% of small to medium-sized businesses recognize the ability to work on any device integral to their operations. Teams in outlying parts of the globe can collaborate on documents and tasks without email attachments, sharing calendars, or jumping on the phone.
  3. Cloud-based services are bringing clients and patients into the discussion, improving information sharing and patient care. Healthcare has benefitted from the Cloud and its wondrous possibilities, unlike any other industry. LI Tech Solutions is at the cutting edge of Digital Healthcare.
  4. The ability to access data at any time for anyone with the appropriate credentials is an essential part of growth. The Cloud offers consistency between employees, management, and consumers, meaning everyone is on the same page. Barriers of remote access are eliminated; Cloud computing brings the office to the employee.
  5. Employees are finding a work-at-home solution as their best route to raising a family, with 36% of all new hires since 2019 agreeing to both in-office and residential work situations. LI Tech offers integration alternatives for companies to blend with the new work paradigm.
  6. The Cloud allows businesses to deliver a customer experience that adds new digital touchpoints and insights to the relationship. Brands are building through traditional advertising channels and new Cloud-based initiatives; growth ahead is the direct link between business and consumer.
  7. Growing your company online means having the proper information at the most opportune time. Companies must make certain the information they receive is correct. 52% of all web traffic comes from automated bots, and half of those are bad bots looking to harm your hardware and networks. LI Tech’s backup and security methodologies are the future of data security.

LI Tech provides five robust components that take your organization into the future. The company is one of the exclusive few Cloud Integration providers that can undertake any size infrastructure opportunity. (516) 210-6400 

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Working with LI Tech: #1 MSP in New York City

  • LI Tech scans your current computer software and hardware configurations and offers cost alternatives and improvements.
  • Collaboration is improved for all teams. Your company’s skilled employees will experience a radical improvement in connecting with others. Employees access files and documents housed in secure areas of the Cloud Infrastructure.
  • LI Tech’s advanced security measures keep data safe and encrypted. Advanced network protocols deal with the everyday care of the network.

The Cloud

Exciting new technologies are advancing the enterprise, and proprietary services are revolutionizing the corporate infrastructure. Every business sector is seeing the rewards of innovating with the Cloud and LI Tech Solutions.

Four services Long Island Tech Solutions is Pioneering:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) helps businesses by taking advantage of pre-formed structures to handle different workload demands. A major player in Cloud services is Microsoft Azure, an LI Tech partner known worldwide as an innovator.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) gives your company’s developers access to cloud-based mechanisms such as APIs and web portals. PaaS such as Salesforce Lightning is an attractive solution to build next-level CRM applications.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) brings the world to any device. SaaS gives users access to applications to help them collaborate better, manage projects with efficiency, and grow the business without constraint.
  • Compliance as a Service (CaaS) is one of the newest services provided by LITech. As the assimilation of the public and government expands, so do the mounds of regulation. CaaS by LI Tech helps companies meet the overload of excessive regulation. 

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Contact LI Tech For The Best Cloud Infrastructure Development in New York

No other company in the technology space gives its patrons a forward-thinking opportunity like LI Tech Solutions. From its proprietary Managed Services to the Cloud Infrastructure division, LITech offers consumers the best of all worlds.

Businesses around the globe are accelerating their infrastructure move to the Cloud. LI Tech offers unmatched solutions spanning the Cloud and business environments. LI Tech’s advanced services provide increased performance metrics and deliver tight integration with the tools already being used by the company.