Are You Properly Backing Up Your Business Data?

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Are You Properly Backing Up Your Business Data?

Every modern organization collects a wealth of data on its customers, clients, and more. But that data must be protected and easily retrieved in the event of an IT infrastructure outage or cyberattack. This guide explains why you should properly back up your business data and how data protection solutions safeguard your data for maximum protection.

Why Back Up Business Data?

Businesses just like yours must back up crucial data for two key reasons:

  • Modern legislation such as the CCPA and GDPR fines companies for not properly protecting and backing up customer or client data. Therefore, you need to back up business data so you have it for easy retrieval by your clients and customers.
  • Losing data can significantly and negatively influence business operations. It can make it harder for you to keep your organization secure, lead to lost sales, and more.

Imagine a scenario in which you have all your customer relationship data included on a single server. However, that server crashes and the data is lost. At that point, you now have to start from scratch rebuilding your consumer relationships, including the contact information, their preferred methods of contact, and more.  

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What Data Should You Back Up?

Backing up all business data is important, but two specific types of data are more vital than others.

Customer Data

As touched on above, you must keep sensitive client or customer data secured and backed up at all times. Customer data includes personal identifying information, order histories, personal preferences, and much more.

Company Data

You’ll also want to protect company-specific data, like passwords for your servers, sensitive organizational information like your order flow or vendor ID codes, and so on.

The last thing you want is a cybercriminal gaining access to sensitive corporate data, then blackmailing you by threatening to release that information to your competitors or your customers. 

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Best Data Protection Solutions | Backup Technologies and Methods for Businesses in Long Island, NYC

Given the importance of backing up crucial company data, it’s wise to implement a back up policy ASAP. But many companies may not properly back up their business data.

For example, they may simply copy over important files once a month onto a separate hard drive. Or they might use secondary or subpar technologies to back up server files, only to find that a server outage results in most of the data being lost during a single unlucky incident.

If your company hopes to back up data properly, you need to use the right technologies, methodologies, and services. Data protection solutions include:

  • Cloud data backup technology. By integrating with the cloud, you can save your data off-site or in multiple locations, allowing easy retrieval in the event of an outage
  • Regular backup sessions. By regularly backing up company or client data, you’ll never run into a problem where you forgot to back up data after a major sale or meeting, then lost it because of a crash or attack
  • Data backup virus protection. Cybercriminals may try to crash your IT infrastructure specifically to get to sensitive data. Proper IT security policies and managed services can help you prevent this outcome

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How LI Tech Solutions Insulates Your Business from Disaster

Above all else, the best way to properly back up your business data is to rely on managed services providers like LI Tech Solutions.

As dedicated managed IT services providers in Long Island, New York, our enterprise data protection solutions and other services are just what you need to make sure your data is backed up safely and correctly every single time.

Disaster Recovery Services

LI Tech’s disaster recovery services are designed to insulate your business and sensitive data from all manner of hazards, ranging from cloud or other technology breakdowns to operator errors to cyber sabotage to environmental calamities and more.

Specifically, we take several key steps to safeguard your data, apps, and systems before that crucial digital information is lost. These steps include:

  • Identifying any application interdependencies and automating shutdowns or reboots in the right order based on tested scenarios
  • End-to-end data encryption, which acts as a flexible and effective safeguard for any environment, whether it’s the cloud, virtual, on-premises, or something else
  • Support for 20 platforms and workloads with as much scaling as your organization needs. You can choose a data backup location such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, and more
  • Regular backup analysis and improvements to protect your business, its data, and its people from ransomware, phishing, and other forms of cyber attacks

If your business ever encounters a disaster that causes its infrastructure to collapse or its data to be lost, you can rest assured that LI Tech’s backups will have you “back up” and running in no time.

Our Data Protection Solutions Include Scheduled Backup Services

More than that, LI Tech takes responsibility for scheduling and implementing regular data backups for your organization. With regular backups, all crucial data should be secured on the cloud or elsewhere. You’ll never run into the disaster scenario where sensitive data created or collected a day previously is lost because of an ill-timed server outage.

As an added benefit, when you hire us to schedule your data backup services, your people can focus on other elements of your business.   

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IT Infrastructure Review

In addition to the above services, LI Tech Solutions will plan and carry out a full IT infrastructure review for your organization if you choose. The infrastructure review can identify:

  • Potential points of weakness in your IT infrastructure, like your servers or hard drives
  • How a data loss could potentially occur

Armed with this information, we’ll then upgrade or streamline your IT infrastructure depending on what you need. Such improvements can lower the likelihood of data loss entirely or protect your business from catastrophe.

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All in all, LI Tech is the number one managed IT services provider on Long Island, NYC. We serve brands just like yours by offering not only disaster recovery and data backup services but also IT security services and more. Contact us today to see how we can help your brand thrive in the modern digital environment!